Mihailovic 360°enforcement program

Republic of Serbia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, FYRO Macedonia and Montenegro

We are glad to bring your attention to our newly formed program designed for the best overview and understanding of the territory of interest, infringement-wise.

Through our 360° enforcement program goods crossing the borders as well as the goods already in the market place are monitored

We combine Customs as well as market/communal inspection petitions - informing both ways to spot fake and original goods.

This provides the TM owner with 360° overview of the situation - namely (serial) importers of fake goods, amounts of goods flooding the market as well as pathways commonly used.

The program includes:
  • Preparing and filing Customs surveillance petition
  • Preparing and filing Communal inspection petition
  • Obtaining necessary certificates on validity of registrations/applications from the local IPOs
  • Printing of the supporting material - photographs and/or booklets
  • Notification of all seizure matters - by the Customs and the market inspection
  • Our final report, with overview of the 12 months and our recommendation for the steps to take in the future