5 useful facts about EP validations in former Yugoslavian countries + Albania

April 20, 2019


Although the EP validations are uniformly regulated by the European patent Convention, here are a few curiosities you may find interesting.

  1. In Republic of Serbia, it is required to submit the translation of the whole patent, unlike in all other territories where only patent claims are translated
  2. In Croatia, it is necessary to file an unofficial English translation of the patent description, if the EP itself is in another language
  3. Luckily, the same translation can be used if the EP is validated in Serbia, Bosnia and Montenegro, cutting down on costs
  4. Macedonia and Albania have longer grace periods for annuity payments – 9 and 8 months, respectively, doubling the official fees in the process.
  5. Our translation rates are highly competitive – additionally however, for more substantial translations, we are able to offer even more reduced rates!

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