Internet law

Protection of your brand’s domain

The domain makes company’s portfolio as valuable as their intellectual property.

We will assist you in making the right choice for your company and guide you through the process of acquiring the domain based on your needs and desires.

Domain name disputes

In today’s world, domain name disputes are not uncommon – our firm offers our knowledge and experience in resolving disputes.

We are devoted to negotiating and drafting settlements, as this is often commercially the most sensible approach. However, we also offer our services in resolving disputes before the domain arbitration committee or Courts.

Contact us to find out more about legal steps and requirements in domain name disputes and how we can best assist you.

Rules for your domain

Terms & conditions (Terms of Use) are rules that are created in accordance with the local laws in order to provide both the user and the site owner – legal security.  These regulations are essential as they inform about the way the particular site functions and its liability to its users.

Our law firm is highly capable of creating terms

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