Our 360° enforcement program explained: RS, ME, BA, MK & AL

June 12, 2020

Our unique approach enables the IP owner to monitor goods crossing the borders as well as the goods that have already entered the market place.

With our 360° enforcement program the enforcement agents – both on the borders, but in the market place, as well, are informed thoroughly of the good’s characteristics and in turn, through notifications about the suspicious shipments entering the market or already on the market, the IP owner gets the best possible picture of (serial) importers of fake goods, amounts of goods flooding the particular market as well as pathways most commonly used.

Our program’s objective is to enable our clients to have the best overview possible and clear basis for a future strategy.

Throughout the program the client will be notified of all seizure matters, advised on various legal options available and supported in taking action.

At the end of the 12 months, we will prepare the full analysis for each client, listing all the notifications received, steps taken and objectives achieved as well as amounts of seized goods and the list of importers when available.

Together with our closing recommendation, this will give the client a 360° view of the marketplace situation and easy steps for a future enforcement strategy.

The program includes:

  • Preparing and filing Customs surveillance petition
  • Preparing and filing Communal inspection petition
  • Obtaining necessary certificates on validity of registrations/applications from the local IPOs
  • Printing of the supporting material – photographs and/or booklets (provided by the client)
  • Notification of all seizure matters – by the Customs and the market inspection
  • Our final report with overview of the 12 months and our recommendation for the steps to take in the future

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