How to stop counterfeits and infringements?

September 6, 2017

Our answer is the MIHAILOVIC 360° enforcement program eligible for the Republic of Serbia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, FYRO Macedonia and Montenegro.

We, at Patent and Trade Mark Agency Mihailovic, are glad to have the opportunity to bring your attention to our new 360° enforcement program, which combines Customs as well as Market/Communal inspection petitions to provide the best possible overview and understanding of the territory of interest, infringement-wise.

After over a decade helping our clients with various infringements and resolving their problems through peaceful negotiations, Court actions and settlements, we have constructed this program to better serve their needs in the future.

With 360° enforcement program, the TM owner directly informs the enforcement agents – both, on the borders, but in the market place, as well, of their good’s characteristics and in turn, through notifications about the suspicious goods entering the market or already on the market, gets the best possible picture of (serial) importers of fake goods, amounts of goods flooding the market as well as pathways commonly used.

Our program will enable our clients to form a solid strategy going forward.

More about our 360° enforcement program you will find here.

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