Since 1937, our family run law firm - Patent and Trade Mark Agency Mihailovic has been providing efficient and high value service to our many clients.

With headquarters in Belgrade (Serbia) and regional offices throughout the former Yugoslavia and in Albania, we are a one-stop IP solutions company for the entire region.

Even now, at over 80 years old, we are just as passionately dedicated to providing prompt and individual attention to our clients and their needs – from strategic advice on IP portfolio management, new trade mark, design and patent applications or validations, IP renewals to infringement and anti-counterfeiting measures, litigation and border seizure matters.

Our law firm has built its reputation on family tradition, legal competence and efficiency connecting 3 generations and over 80 years of continued accomplishments.

Most importantly, our firm’s standing is based on high success and satisfaction rates of our clients, many of whom have been placing their trust in our firm for decades.


Our HQ is located in heart of Belgrade, Republic of Serbia

Our position – with offices in Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Slovenia – enables us to act on behalf of our clients in the Balkans, but also in the EU. Having deep understanding of the local laws and regulations and more importantly regional IPOs and Court practices, our aim and mission throughout the years has been to be your one-stop IP solutions company for the entire Balkans region. Further, through our EU based offices, we are able to assist you in EUTM availability searches, advise you on how to proceed and support you through the EUTM registration process. When necessary, we also offer guidance when converting EUTM trade marks into national applications in Slovenia and in Croatia.


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Our firm offers a wide range of IP services, amongst which we would like to highlight the following:

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