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June 12, 2020 at 12:31 pm

Our 360° enforcement program explained: RS, ME, BA, MK & AL

Our unique approach enables the IP owner to monitor goods crossing the borders as well as the goods that have already entered the market place. With our 360° enforcement program…

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May 20, 2020 at 11:11 am

Q&A I – Ex-Yu: Basics on TM protection protocol

Q&A I – Ex-Yu: Basics on TM protection protocol Each month we answer 3-5 questions our clients most often have and share it in our Q&A series.    Q: How…

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February 5, 2020 at 12:53 pm

Serbia changes to the opposition based TM system

Starting this February, Republic of Serbia has changed their Trade Mark Law substantially by switching to an opposition based system rather than the one where the IPO examined all applications ex officio for absolute and relative grounds for refusal.

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January 17, 2020 at 1:27 pm

Kosovo: Re-protecting your IP rights from trade mark trolls

Lately, we have been noticing two increasing trends – filing of TM applications identical to large brands that have not yet broken into the market and cancellations due to non-use of otherwise known trade marks.

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December 18, 2019 at 9:03 am

Licences in the Balkans – to record or not?

Licence can refer to patent and design rights, related know-how and trade marks.

It provides the licensee with the right to use an IP right for a certain period of time, for a fee, usually in a specific geographic area. At the same time, this allows the IP right’s owner to extend their brand into new markets quicker, to generate profit (through set fee or royalty), reduce costs and time to market penetration and therefore, often, gain competitive advantage.

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September 17, 2019 at 8:52 am

Serbia – Customs IP Event for brand owners

We take this opportunity to inform you about upcoming forum held by our Customs IP department which will enable the brand owners to hold presentations directly before enforcement agents on our borders.

This event is immensely valuable as it will provide an opportunity to inform the people directly tasked with deciding if the goods before them should or should not be seized based on possible IP infringement – how to spot original or fake goods.

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September 6, 2019 at 6:16 am

2019 AIPPI World Congress is going to London!

PTMA Mihailovic is to take part in the AIPPI 2019 World Congress happening on 15-18 September at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre and Central Hall Westminster in London.

Once again this year, the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property will offer a vast range of topics covering the entire field of IP, with a particular overview to current digital transformation that is affecting and improving the delivery of legal services.

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September 3, 2019 at 8:54 am

Top 3 reasons for annual Custom’s surveillance petition in the Balkans

We have previously written about the importance of the annual Custom’s  petition and, for the new readers, wanted to shortly again sum up the important points:

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July 19, 2019 at 8:41 am

Overcoming Provisional Refusals in Serbia

Tips on overcoming Provisional Refusals based on relative grounds in Republic of Serbia

Most jurisdictions our office covers (Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Slovenia) are based on the opposition system – new applications are examined on absolute grounds, then published, and open for 3rd party oppositions based on relative grounds.

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June 5, 2019 at 12:34 pm

7 useful facts about Trade Mark registration in the Balkans

Here are a few details to keep in mind when filing national applications/designations:

While most jurisdictions we cover are members of the Madrid protocol ,Kosovo, for the time being is not. As a very small territory, it is often overlooked, but can prove strategically important for the companies that have interest in the Balkans area.

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